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S-in'I Pattern for' 6/6 9 N«w Fniliion Alliuuc (Ual Unk Hl Willi Ct Hlnar) Dim Sc BH^ Beitr Kmp V Puhion Fracks Q Batls Hek Patferni K flaaie und Faat Uff Prize Hrcipe, Ijcn* Caliirie Retiiw, ni Bii« [ljiit» .13 Canieniiiff: Wjit«r Plaat B ■'9k At Elc Hne mlh Margaret Sydney 'HI Be \oior Own Uandjcinai, , . Wf '"■y Ike I»* t** iwastm'K nrwmt i^olo TV of cran Kcrry-pink (rmw), amd Jiyal, ycllow-glm,', '■^hi''**'^ IPi^''*^ f^aciy Ut wear or eul onl really Iti **w wilh fall making inxlrurliunn rail U "WONNE," blarb, or inrquobc ^ i Zllf/J'*^ 32 anil %Ua. Itnst, S;¥ aertian in a Complele );aidr to bei Klin^ You ran Irar^ lite d«ign yarn L'Ice b««( troin our neleclion an tr' Ian," said her oiir L: Biibaaaa coma n t iil^-.' or s trumpet tat. d idf J one j W Ughlhoiise • t;«P"' Instead of beiaj 'T and a plain dio^' itlmost an daallfl S iight her iiiisli Ji" She i s"**' rnlon Kl shealll f'j" her jhiny auburn ■ high in s fasli"""'; eye make-up, and ! '^'^i' ,|,n* and thai's 'fi' i" '■" they mia "V^' ,,,, remote liff-'''''' \ National Library of Australia found solitude TASMAfi ISLAND, SOO ac Te» of hor^ t Mk o the routh'^unt coomt of Xflf fnitnio, where ih^ Sehfpii' lived far 18 monthg. iudi«— hp -it) ind write fluenlly in ■fivh, Itilii D, C.ieel, f«ili, lod Arabu L '■oii tiltiag o( ha husbuad it jjiid. and goes ihroujjh until dusk, I get up with him and start the 'fi™ Wf|it fwd, ■ « Armaad lost two ' was ihnoad," "Jyuont for the ' =«ot he ai tenifrti .„... 40 honi M we V* lived in havf been iflnmrnse and ve J"y old- TTic one al Tasmaii had five tmdftioms — to be used in cast of shipwreck. Our bomcs ' are painieii ihroughoui every nine months. We seldom get roldj unless we have gucezin^; viiitors, If w* do get raids our remedy is jmt go out into the fresh air and breathe deeply.

dominale Msrfiii once nrnix, Thi pii WJ was liken k ™ p bofoenplia I* CBHifron. " The neii nii S««« 16-ycar Hold JOn, J"^ his mother i*'id.n: Wom Ei/s U'BElt JY National Library of Australia Empire-line Dress f I •Be '''"■i SS! fully tiiieti wm I rfrc Mi, fpalurinp the lalftil Empir E-tbi*'. Cul Oul Only: Si«» 32 and II, 1 ' J/oj 36 anil 3ftin. « ^«l)inan in hrt l Ui isn't a hit Iflie roiii:tiv(! p^ect compel''" iifihthotiie-keep'''' She rooks we J*-^" ', , bake* beauii'il l'" chickenj, ni»H' " (ahf ij ws Jl one m ofl-*" and often i^h"' "'^„, is on night r''|„L„.i P'' ,o him «r pi'"" , ^ the lightli Di'"' tn»^^ * When thfy stinwlnuoi!

Whether or not this has been a gocfd thing is, cur- rently, a much debated topic, but certainly there would have been no homo sapims wiihoui this ability to send hy speech and receive and comprehend by hear'mg. Fm ST ^taiidi TUi loalu into the pram, makiog sdoiiring uui^n, or pieki up the bahy to ld£s and iruddie. dear, " and givca her a quick i'as tin the cheek: — and hack 10 the baby. k'j a point the wedding etiquette boots oser Sook, £1/1/- to "No Mu's Laiul" (luiae mpp Ucd), Geelong, Vic. • Shakespeare his caused trouble Wtmxa 4 ■■ \ year-o)d retired actor, Mr.

Il is noi the lack of syjnpaihy the deaf regret- It is Ihe loss of communication. Frank Gn Kott, a| Sb sbirc, England, aiod his wife, Florcnfc.

Her name was Mrs, Patricia Pengilley, A quaintly apt name for a mirar Je. Lip-[(., nor will it elii TTinale the use of a good hearing aid.

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But ita heart is its official interpreter, brown-haired little Mrs. STAR-DECORATED PROW of tfui Sotiothm Vkrtdna, of ihe Uaiitfd Soviet Whaiing Fb H. If your liujibund ii worrird it will drtrarl Imm ibir valur of Jlij properly, br is «TTtnig. Sii I :idvisi; yiiu 10 paiiit yniu ovm house witb ih H nirmif3ti- i)r (ur %\^k white), and pwplc will KTC your hoi Kr birft Nrr ihi'A w.' thr purplr one. Grocftll no* sleeps in a p«cbiu.tj2 shelter x( the bottixn of ihc garden, r—™^ -.- "Macbeth does murder sleep," she tvelf might soy.PATRICIA PEIVGILLEY (right), inrntruci^r in Up-reading, and Miu Margaret Tregonning at the Melbourne ht-adgttartm-i of the Aattralitm Attociation for Beu^r Hearing. Oh, iliose unseen Hs and Ps iliat will herome con- fused with Bsl And will someone please tell me why you Diokum Aussies take the broad A as in paper and transform il to I, as in pipi9?Miw Tregonning it hotdinf the medal Hon the won in a tip-reading tournammt. And why m Australia does a "btiat" bn'come a "bout," at least that is how I read you.Shop- ping was a spree, after months of managing with our (■illage slore-cum-post ofiirei Lat Jen with parcels, I boarded » tram in Pitt Street, to find standing room only. But one gbd day an act^uaintance rays, '^Vou seem lo hear so much tcllcr these cjayj. " The patience and applitut- litm are .^'.^ddenly well it- ward ed- Eveti JO, mistakes will happen.Some expert juggling was necessary before I could free one hand to grasp the strap MRS. Like the time 1 was told at a picnic to "Eat tb»t pie" and most obligingly did so, only to learn that I had been a$ked to HEAT il.

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A few weeks later, Vonn was cornered by TMZ and pressed about the rumored relationship.

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Behavior Monitoring can also detect abnormal program behavior that is common to exploit attacks.

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Once you’ve found a chat room site that really captivates you, simply press on the “Visit” button at the far right to talk to strangers instantly.

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Representing the "Goth" community in Louisville has embedded a strong sense of "us against the world" mentality in these two Racers.

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Thompson said Dallen was still believed to be in the area.

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The IMVU rooms are laid out so that people can meet and interact just like in the real world.

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In March 1778, Cook landed on Bligh Island and named the inlet "King George's Sound".

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Jill was glad that her friend\'s boy went to her house after school, because she was going to hand some magazines to his mom.

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Mais voilà je me suis lassée de lui, c’etait pourtant un homme plus jeune que moi …

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